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4/12/2014 - Japan Launches Asteroid Mission
On Dec. 3, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully launched its Hayabusa2 mission to rendezvous with an asteroid, land a small probe plus three mini rovers on its surface, and then return samples to Earth. NASA and JAXA are coopera
21/11/2014 - The Sound of Rosetta's Comet Landing
A 3D image shows what it would look like to fly over the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The image was generated from data collected by the Rosetta Lander Imaging System (ROLIS) aboard the European Space Agency’s Philae spacecraft during
18/11/2014 - New Animation Follows Long, Strange Trip of Asteroid Bennu
Born from the rubble of a violent collision, hurled through space for millions of years and dismembered by the gravity of planets, asteroid Bennu had a tough life in a rough neighborhood: the early solar system. ^Bennu's Journey,^ a new animation cre
18/11/2014 - The Rosetta Bounce, Before and After
Images taken by the Rosetta spacecraft's OSIRIS imaging system show the portions of the journey its Philae comet lander undertook on Nov. 12, as it approached and then rebounded off the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
17/11/2014 - New Geological Maps of Asteroid Vesta
Images from NASA's Dawn Mission have been used to create a series of high-resolution geological maps of the large asteroid Vesta, revealing the variety of surface features in unprecedented detail. These maps are included with a series of 11 scientifi
16/11/2014 - Small Asteroids Hit Earth More Often Than You Think
A map released by NASA's Near Earth Object (NEO) Program reveals that small asteroids frequently enter and disintegrate in the Earth's atmosphere with random distribution around the globe. Released to the scientific community, the map visualizes data
7/06/2013 - Asteroid Moon Movie
Scientists working with NASA's 230-foot-wide (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, Calif., have released a new and improved movie clip of near-Earth asteroid 1998 QE2 and its moon. The 55 individual images used in the movie were generat
16/5/2012 - A New Count of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
Observations from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have led to the best assessment yet of our solar system's population of potentially hazardous asteroids. Also known as ^PHAs,^ these asteroids have orbits that come within five milli
14/7/2010 - Rosetta Discovers Haunting Beauty in Deep Space
The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has beamed back close-up photographs of asteroid Lutetia, an ancient, cratered relic from the dawn of the solar system. Scientists are abuzz about the stunning images, which reveal a worldlet of haunting
26/03/2010 - NASA - An Avalanche of Dark Asteroids
Imagine you're a Brontosaurus with your face in a prehistoric tree top, munching on fresh leaves. Your relatives have ruled planet Earth for more than 150 million years. Huge and strong, you feel invincible. You're not.
2/2/2010 - Hubble Sees Suspected Asteroid Collision
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has observed a mysterious X-shaped debris pattern and trailing streamers of dust that suggest a head-on collision between two asteroids. Astronomers have long thought that the asteroid belt is being ground down through c