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December 2014
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(Date: 31/12/2014) Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes# More Common Than Previously Thought?
(Date: 31/12/2014) Good News on Forests and Carbon Dioxide
(Date: 31/12/2014) Satellite with Extraordinary Antenna to Study Soil Moisture
(Date: 30/12/2014) Dawn Spacecraft Begins Approach to Dwarf Planet Ceres
(Date: 29/12/2014) "Black Hole Telescope" Photographs the Sun
(Date: 22/12/2014) Planets for Christmas
(Date: 19/12/2014) Rosetta to Swoop Down on Comet in February
(Date: 19/12/2014) First Global Maps from Orbiting Carbon Observatory
(Date: 19/12/2014) New Evidence for a Mars Water Reservoir
(Date: 18/12/2014) Reborn Kepler Spacecraft Finds ^Super-Earth^
(Date: 16/12/2014) Curiosity Detects Methane Spike on Mars
(Date: 16/12/2014) Needed: 11 Trillion Gallons to Replenish California Drought
(Date: 16/12/2014) Voyager Buffeted by Interstellar ^Tsunami Waves^
(Date: 14/12/2014) Rosetta Reignites Debate on Earth^s Oceans
(Date: 14/12/2014) Mars Mountain was All Wet
(Date: 12/12/2014) Embers from a Rock Comet
(Date: 7/12/2014) New Horizons Wakes Up on Pluto^s Doorstep
(Date: 5/12/2014) Milestone to Mars: Orion Takes Flight
(Date: 4/12/2014) Japan Launches Asteroid Mission
(Date: 4/12/2014) The Yin-Yang of Polar Sea Ice